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» tupacshakaur » 05/04/2018


I'm wondering if an overwatch roll can be modified either by a -1 or +1.
In my case it would be: does my enemy auto fails his rolls to overwatch against my lictors (-1 on bs)? or is the overwatch roll immutable :p ?
Same thing for venomthropes with their gaz cloud providing a -1 on hit rolls (bs).
by writing this, i just wonder if by saying -1 to bs, does it indeed only affects bs and not overwatch héhé.
any thoughts on it ? Also by searching on the web i stumbled on a guy having issue with the spore node on overwatch.
Does it generates spore mines on overwatch misses ? if so would the generated spore mines prevent the charge ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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